Julian Assange Acting Out for Attention

Back in 2010, the international news media was a WikiLeaks-processing machine, churning out endless analysis of the organization’s stolen cachet of diplomatic cables, not to mention constant stories about the group’s meaning, methods, and leadership. However, now that the initial furor has died down, reporters are only interested in referring to the cables “when publishing specific news or investigative stories based on them.” Apparently, that’s just not enough for Julian Assange, who, it has become clear, survives on spotlight warmth like some kind of lizard.

To that end, WikiLeaks began self-publishing a batch of 100,000 cables on Thursday. (Didn’t you see their tweet!?) According to Reuters, the move is something of a tantrum over the increased indifference of the press:

A person in contact with Assange’s inner circle told Reuters the rationale behind the mass release of documents was dismay among WikiLeaks activists that media organizations had lost interest in publishing stories based on the material.

Of course, the cables in question are from the same massive supply Assange handed over to the Times et al. last November, so he’s not exactly presenting news organizations with a good reason to rekindle their old co-dependent relationship. Maybe he should try ignoring them for a while? Of all people, he should know how well that works.

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Julian Assange Acting Out for Attention