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Nothing Tickles Brooklynites Like Fake Ransom Demands

The calls have been pouring in to Jack Zinzi and Bonni Marcus, the possibly romantically involved couple that recently lost their beloved monkey-son Bongo in Park Slope. Unfortunately for them, though, many of the callers are not entirely helpful:

If you ever want to see Bongo alive again, leave $1 million under the Brooklyn Bridge,” one caller threatened on Bonni Marcus’ voicemail.

Others veered from menacing to vulgar, leaving such messages as “I have your monkey, and I cut it up and took out his stuffing,” and “I have your monkey; its [sic] in my pants.”

Messing with people looking for lost plush toys seems to be a popular Brooklyn pastime. A couple of months ago, a Cobble Hill mom trying to find her 2-year-old’s beloved bear blanket had a similar experience when a flier appeared demanding a ransom of “$10,000 of gluten-free cupcakes” delivered to the park. “I’ll be dressed as a pregnant woman with a baby in a stroller,” the kidnapper’s note continued. “My accomplice will be wearing a T-shirt, baseball cap, cargo shorts and mandrals. We’ll be obsessing over our toddler.”

Clever! Clearly, this is not the same person who claimed to have Bongo “in my pants.”

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Nothing Tickles Brooklynites Like Fake Ransom Demands