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News Corp. Is Watching You Drink, World Trade Center Construction Workers

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaching, it’s been encouraging to see that the fully completed National September 11 Memorial at ground zero will open on schedule, and that One World Trade Center is on track to be functional by late 2013. The Post, however, has been scoping out the situation, too, and is less than encouraged by what it saw: Construction workers drinking.

The paper’s exposé, which can also be found on Fox News’ site, chronicles where the spied-upon workers like to drink (bars), the time of day they drink (around noon), what they drink (alcohol), and what they eat (nothing), which the reporters ascertained by surreptitiously hanging around bars in the area and glimpsing alleged WTC workers “filling their bellies with enough booze to become legally drunk” before they “stumbled back to the site.”

Many skipped food entirely in favor of liquid refreshments, including bottles of beer, shots of whiskey, and — in the case of one wasted worker — a pint glass nearly full of vodka. That man, in a T-shirt, jeans and construction boots, was among two groups crammed into Eamonn’s Irish Bar & Restaurant at 41 Murray Street about noon on Wednesday. A backslapping barkeep put ice into a pint glass for him, filled it three-quarters with Absolut vodka and topped the drink with a splash of soda. Within about 30 minutes, the worker had drained the glass.”

The Post returned to the area the next day, this time at a place called Uncle Mike’s, where reporters spied on a whole new set of workers who were: drinking “Budweisers, Heinekens, and Coronas”; “ogling two barely dressed bartenders” in halter tops and “partially unzipped shorts”; making jokes; and, again, not ordering food.

Yet: Both Eamonn’s and Uncle Mike’s refuted the paper’s claims, insisting that any WTC workers who come in to drink only do so after their shifts. Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico concurred: “There have been checks. We do have a zero-tolerance policy. If we determine a worker is intoxicated on the job, we will move to terminate him, and we’ve done so in the past.” So then who were those people that the Post so diligently stalked? News Corp.: They report, they decide.

News Corp. Is Watching You Drink, World Trade Center Construction Workers