S&P Overreacting to Everything

On Saturday, Standard & Poor’s downgraded America’s sovereign credit rating from AAA to AA+, in part, it said, because of the weakening “stability and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions.” While that may be true, many observers (not to mention the other rating agencies), still find it exceedingly unlikely that the government would ever fail to honor its debts. Indeed, even as stocks tanked yesterday, the markets sought refuge in the safety of U.S. Treasury Bonds — the very assets that the S&P is warning against. Consequently, S&P is facing accusations that its decision to downgrade was a bit dramatic, taking the “stability and predictability” thing a bit too far. Hold on, we’re just seeing some new S&P ratings coming in over the wire.


  • BB

Claimed it was going to be partly cloudy; turned out to be mostly cloudy.

  • Five Guys

  • AA-

An S&P analyst ordered a bacon burger last Friday at the Fulton Street Five Guys, but received a bacon cheeseburger instead. Downgraded only slightly from AA because he ate it anyway and it was delicious.

  • DVR

  • CCC+

An S&P analyst swears he DVR’ed Thursday’s Jersey Shore, and yet when he sat down to watch it, it was not on the DVR list. The analyst checked with his roommate, who says he definitely didn’t delete it by accident and then quickly changed the subject.


  • Fruit

  • B-

Every so often the peaches purchased by S&P are not as succulent and flavorful as hoped. Stick with vegetables.

Michael Heiman/Getty Images

  • Mariano Rivera

  • BB+

The Yankees lost to the Red Sox in extra innings on Sunday after supposed Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera blew a save.

  • Beyonce

  • CC+

Her new album is just “meh.” This lady is going nowhere.


  • Julie Cartanowitz

  • CC+

This girlfriend of an S&P analyst recently became upset over something he didn’t even do. Too volatile. Long-term outlook is grim.

S&P Overreacting to Everything