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Staten Island Dad Lucky to Have the Most Forgiving Son Ever

Here’s an incident straight out of Saddam Hussein’s Guide to Parenting. In May of 2010, Staten Island father James Moss believed that his then 9-year-old son had stolen $20 out of his wallet. Twenty dollars. Keep that in mind as you absorb the full awfulness of his sadistic, brutal punishment.

Prosecutors said Moss threatened to kill his son during the rampage at their Graniteville, S.I., home. He ripped the pre-teen’s clothes off, beat him with a spatula and burned both his hands on a hot stove.

With the skin peeling from Christopher’s hands, his father then punched the naked kid in the face and forced the screaming boy into the oven.

I’m going to burn you alive!” he howled, according to law enforcement sources.

Moss eventually relented and let Christopher out of the oven — only to throw the nude child with the burned hands into the front yard.

Wow. That is absolutely nauseating. So how many years will this guy spend in the clink?

If that seems lenient, it’s because James had a secret weapon on his side. His son, the one he stripped and beat and punched and scalded and stuffed into an oven, was 100 percent in his corner:

I will fight so hard for my dad to live with me. He’s not suppose to be in jail for days, months or years,” his son Christopher, now 11, said. “He made a big mistake, but really somewhere in his heart, he is funny, lovable, caring and a great father in the whole entire world.”

Judge Robert Collini asked the boy, after he was done talking, “Did anybody make you say those words? Are those the words you truly believe in your heart?”

If that’s truly what this kid believes, it’s pretty amazing.

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Staten Island Dad Lucky to Have the Most Forgiving Son Ever