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The Completely Out-of-Context Candidate Quote Quiz

The “identify who said this” Internet quiz is as old as the trees, and about as interesting. (No offense, trees.) So we’re ratcheting up the difficulty level and the intrigue with a twist — every quote in this quiz of things uttered by GOP presidential candidates over the past few weeks has been taken completely and shamelessly out of context. If you can still guess who said all these things, you are the IBM computer Watson.

"Nursing at the breast"

At his "Day of Prayer" ceremony on August 6, Perry read a passage from the Book of Joel, which included the line, "Gather the people, consecrate the assembly; bring together the elders,gather the children, those nursing at the breast."


In an August 7 story, Huntsman told the Huffington Post that fundraising is the "lubricant that keeps the campaign going."

"Dog food"

Asked at the August 11 GOP debate whether he would have signed the debt ceiling bill, Romney replied, "Look, I'm not going to eat Barack Obama's dog food."

"Little men from Mars"

On August 12, Romney defended his claim that "corporations are people too" by adding, "What do they think they are?" he said "Little men from Mars?"

"Do some shagging"

On August 16, Bachmann played some Elvis and suggested to a South Carolina crowd, "Maybe we'll turn it on at the end and do some shagging up here."

"Captain Beefheart"

Huntsman tweeted his love for the eccentric musician on August 18th: "I wonder if a tweet where I admit how much I like Captain Beefheart will make the followers skyrocket even more!"

"She lifted her skirt"

At the National Press Club on August 19, Johnson said of climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, "I did not conquer Mt. Everest. She lifted her skirt and I got in there and got a peek."

"One of the worst actors"

"This guy was one of the worst actors on the world stage," Romney said on August 22, referring to Muammar Qaddafi.

"Platform shoes"

Describing his failed band Wizard, Huntsman told Piers Morgan on August 22, "I did have the platform shoes and a lot of other things to show that we gave it best efforts."

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The Completely Out-of-Context Candidate Quote Quiz