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Trial Lawyers Hate Rick Perry

Newly announced Republican candidate and arguable front-runner Rick Perry has few friends among the country’s trial lawyers, with his history of tort reform inspiring “hatred” and “fear” among litigators on the plaintiff’s side, Politico reports. Perry brags about being the nation’s model for dealing with a litigious state since passing “the most sweeping tort reform in 2003” as the governor of Texas. But such accomplishments could end up driving a lot of money toward President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Those from his home state who know him intimately have already taken action: Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn is forming “some federal PACs” to max out his donations against Perry, and the most paranoid among them are voicing fear for the constitutional right to a trial by jury should Perry be elected president. “Lawyers around the country would feel that the Seventh Amendment and other states’ rights would be on the table,” said one Dallas attorney.

While critics see Perry’s tort reform as favoring corporations and insurance companies, his people counter simply: “It’s about creating jobs versus lining trial lawyers’ pockets.” Everyone likes jobs, right? And have you heard the one about the lawyer 

Trial lawyers prep for war on Rick Perry [Politico]

Trial Lawyers Hate Rick Perry