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Could Norway Lock Up the Westboro Crazies?

Oh, look who plans to protest the funerals of dead people. It’s the Westboro Baptist Church, of course, because they are the only people who do that. The Kansas-based group, always striving to dream up ever-scummier field trips for its band of inbred soulless degenerates, says it will to go to Norway to inform everyone that the country’s acceptance of homosexuality (but they’ll say fags) is what really killed all those innocent people two weeks ago. This is obviously disgusting and horrible. Then why are we kind of looking forward to it?

Because, as the Atlantic Wire points out, Norway, while extremely tolerant of many things, is quite intolerant of … intolerance — hate speech, that is. Indeed, public hate speech can get you three years in one of Norway’s beautiful prison resorts. The relevant law states:

We can’t think of a more fitting comeuppance than if, after years of complaining about the evils of the United States while basking in the protection of the First Amendment, the Westboro people take their traveling freak show abroad and get thrown in prison.

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Could Norway Lock Up the Westboro Crazies?