Alec Baldwin Graces the Cover of Hamptons Magazine This Month

As close readers of Intel know, the actor is toying with the idea of running for mayor, and the early indications are that the Democrat might strike a semi-populist tone: He’s already proved highly accessible on Twitter; he’s been critical of Christine Quinn’s cozy relationship with billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg; and he’s made much of the fact that he doesn’t live in a “little kind of jewel-box, privileged pocket of the city.”

Obviously, the logical next step is a giant photo spread in Hamptons magazine involving plaid madras, a white jacket, and a silk pocket-square. Baldwin seems pleased with the results of the photo shoot — he changed his Twitter avatar to the cover shot — so we thought we’d do Alec a favor and consider some of ways the other shots might be used in a potential mayoral campaign.

A Baldwin administration would obviously be pro-bike-lane. Yet he’d clearly take off his cap to the Hasids, too.

Left: Of course, there would be a chicken in every pot.

Right: Here, again, Baldwin is working the populist thing, while still nodding to New York’s elite. Is he from the wrong side of the tracks or the right one? He is, as the picture shows, straddling both. The cutoff shorts say one thing; the jacket and scarf another. The tousled hair says a thing all its own. It might just say “generic Baldwin in the early nineties,” which, for most Americans, conjures youth, hope, plenty, and potential. Maybe Obama can borrow the slogan?

Alec Baldwin: Hometown Hamptons Boy [Hamptons]

Alec Baldwin Graces the Cover of Hamptons Magazine This Month