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Glenn Beck Versus Anderson Cooper: Match the Sound Bite to the Host

Yesterday marked the premiere of highly anticipated new shows by two cable TV juggernauts. At 4 p.m., Anderson Cooper launched his daytime talk vehicle, Anderson. An hour later, Glenn Beck broadcast his first program on GBTV, his new subscription-only Internet venture. Can you match the host to the soundbite? Take our very difficult quiz below.

"The enemy is radical Islam. It is real. It is evil."

"I think all of us remember where we were this summer when we heard the tragic news that Amy Winehouse had died."

"She was so different and oh so incredibly talented."

"Mayor Bloomberg said it's because there wasn't enough room for the first responders. Lemme show you — this was yesterday. [Pulls up a picture of the 9/11 memorial service] Can somebody please explain to me what all of this is? [Uses a pointer to indicate the square fountain footprint at the memorial site. ] There seems to be plenty of room there. Empty space."

"She's so -- so youthful and just so full of radiance."

"We're JUST starting the construction on the World Trade Center? And we don't dare call it the Freedom Tower because that's too controversial. The owner of the property decided to remove the name Freedom Tower. Why? The major occupant: China."

"President Obama is a Marxist. There. I said it."

"On the next show, summer's hopping. Please welcome Kathy Griffin. Daniel Radcliffe. Snooki. And Gerard Depardieu."

If you got any of these wrong, well … We’ll let Newt react for us.

Glenn Beck Versus Anderson Cooper: Match the Sound Bite to the Host