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Ladies and Gentlemen: Michele Bachmann Overdrive

It was only a matter of time, really. Everyone: Meet Michele Bachmann Overdrive, a Great Falls, Virginia, rock cover band whose members know a good attention-getting opportunity when they see one. Unsurprisingly, Mike Sager, Mike Boggs, Gabriel Fry, and Luke Peterson are not actual Bachmann supporters, but they do find her inspiring, in a way:

“Michele Bachmann Overdrive is a concept, and the concept is to have a band that captures the spirit of Michele Bachmann by being somewhat ill-prepared, not really up to the challenge ahead of it but going full speed ahead,” Mike Sager said.

For obvious reasons, the guys would like for the congresswoman to maintain her presence on the national stage, but only for entertainment purposes. According to Fry, even though a Bachmann nomination would probably book the group some extra weddings, “There’s hoping for success for your band and there’s hoping for success for your country.” Mature!

Because MBO is a cover band, they don’t have any Bachmann lyrics to share. (We’re sure a lot of other people are working on that.) However, they’ve been putting together a themed set list that includes renditions of Cream’s “Politician,” Radiohead’s “Electioneering,” Soundgarden’s “She’s a Politician,” and Willie Nelson’s “Crazy.” There was no mention of Sufjan Stevens’s “John Wayne Gacy Jr.,” but it seems like there’s no way they won’t get it.

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Michele Bachmann Overdrive