New Yorkers Can Now Learn About Weekend Subway Delays in Style

Because the trains will never work on the weekends, the MTA has created a new online map to reflect Saturday and Sunday service changes. Like the Times subscription of the same name, the Weekender won’t exactly tell users anything new, but the information will at least be conveniently arranged in one place (and, with its retro Massimo Vignelli-esque design, apparently intended to appeal to people in thick-framed glasses). :

The stylish digital map will be customized each weekend to reflect the myriad service changes that regularly bedevil straphangers on Saturdays and Sundays. Currently, rerouted lines and shut stations are noted only in stiffly written prose that sometimes compounds riders’ confusion.

The interactive map is searchable by line, borough and station, and it flags trouble spots with blinking lights. Click, and the site will reveal a rundown of what woe awaits, whether a closed platform or an unexpected station stop.

The map will go live on the MTA’s homepage Friday morning, just in time to aid those whose actual weekending has finally come to an end with the arrival of fall. Welcome back, everyone, and enjoy your stay on the L platform. It’ll be a while.

Aid for Baffled Weekend Subway Riders [NYT]

New Yorkers Can Now Learn About Weekend Subway Delays in Style