Obama Breaks Another Campaign Promise

A very serious one. The president has broken the trust of so many Americans who believed him when he “vowed to tear out the White House bowling alley and install a basketball court if elected.” Years later, not only is it still there, but people are using it. Thousands of people. More than 4,100, according to ABC News’s very serious analysis of White House visitor logs. 230 in May alone. Where does it stop?

Worse still: Obama isn’t using his basketball court to play with friends all that much. Yes, you read that correctly. Only 60 visitors in all of his presidency have been to the courts after all his big talk. And no one has signed in to use the pool. Why isn’t he hosting pool parties with foreign dignitaries? Showing them the best of American culture and strapping some water wings onto Joe Biden? Putin, for one, is never more comfortable than when he’s shirtless, and everyone loves a good game of sharks and minnows. (Only G-8 countries get to be sharks.)

One clear Obama partisan, reached for comment on the White House’s appallingly skewed use of recreational facilities, had this to say.

Those guys can spin anything.

Obama Breaks Another Campaign Promise