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Rats Are Biting People on the Subway Now

For centuries, subway-dwelling rats and subway-riding New Yorkers have co-existed underground, although not entirely peacefully. In an effort to protect ourselves from diseases, we humans have waged an ongoing campaign to poison the rats into oblivion, but it hasn’t worked. The rat population has grown and become more brazen, boldly eating pasta and crawling on our homeless people in subway cars without fear of retribution. Now, they’ve escalated things to a whole new level.

A rat bit a horrified straphanger earlier this week on a subway platform.

The unidentified woman, described as being in her mid-20s, was waiting for the J train on a bench at the Chambers Street station about 9:30 Monday morning when, she said, the rodent peeked out from underneath and bit her right foot, which was unprotected by her open-toed shoes.

She is the Crispus Attucks of the coming Subway War.

Rat bites woman in subway station as she waits for the train [AM NY]

Rats Are Biting People on the Subway Now