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Roger Ailes Abuses His Employees in Public

The Daily Beast piece about Fox News that Intel Dan wrote about this morning also contains a hilarious section in which Roger Ailes, for some reason, just unloads on all his anchors, one after another:

Hannity’s show uses a logo that asks, “Can You Afford Four More?” Ailes calls him “predictable,” but Hannity says he’s not a party man

Ailes seems to relish the feuding among his stars, saying, “O’Reilly hates Sean and he hates Rush because they did better in radio than he did.” ….

It calls to mind the Simpsons episode where Bart, staying after class, asks Mrs. Krabappel why she doesn’t date various male co-workers, and is treated to a shocking stream of candor:

Principle Skinner? “Let’s just say his mommy won’t let him come out to play?”

Coach Fortner? She makes the drinky-drinky hand motion.

Groundskeeper Willie? “I’m not even going to say what that guy’s into.”

Roger’s Reality Show

Roger Ailes Abuses His Employees in Public