So Someone Got a Tattoo With New York Magazine’s Logo on It

Oh, so you say you like New York Magazine? Would you get a tattoo with our logo on it? One devoted reader, “Fabrizio Goldstein, often known as The Fat Jew,” did, and posted the results on Twitter. Now, Fabrizio has a bit of a thing for self-promotion: He’s a self-described “z-list celebrity” who writes the Dos and Don’ts for Vice, works as an interviewer for E! ( “I said too many ridiculous things to legit stars so now I get Real Housewives and ‘The Situation’”), plus he’s got a sitcom in the works. But hey, he gave us some free publicity so we decided to e-mail him to find out if the tattoo was really real. (Intel Noreen had her doubts, even after spending more time than she might have wanted inspecting the shape of a recent-looking wax-job on Fabrizio chest.) Also, we decided to ask if he’d give Daily Intel a permanent shout-out, too. There’s a lot of un-inked real estate, after all.

Oh it’s really real. I have several other tattoos, including the one that’s visible in the photo on my chest that says “mazel tuff.” Love that one. I got this one because i’m a lifelong new yorker and was trying to decide what the quintessential new york symbol was for a tattoo. The empire state building? A homeless man eating a raw potato like an apple? (i actually saw that once) Michael Musto’s face? And then it dawned on me that’s it the iconic new york magazine logo. Also, it seemed like an awesome idea and most stuff i do is awesome. […]

Daily Intel companion tat not so much but an approval matrix on my entire back could 100% happen.

For the record, Intel Joe said he’d get the magazine’s logo permanently tattooed for $10,000. Intel Dan, after first inquiring as to whether removal at a future date was allowable (yes, fine, alright) said $25. Your move, Adam Moss. They’ll take cash or checks.

So Someone Got a Tattoo With New York Magazine’s Logo on It