the most hated woman in china

The ‘Most Hated Woman in China’ Could Be Doing Your Nails

Feng Luoyu is a 26-year-old former reality television star and current manicurist in Brooklyn. She first became famous in her native China after publicizing her list of requirements for a boyfriend:

He must be a post-graduate of economics from Tsinghua or Beijing University, with a height of 5 feet 9 to 6 feet. He must have never been a father, and any ex-girlfriends must not have had abortions. He has to be a native of eastern coastal China. He should not be an employee of state companies, but it’s OK if he works for PetroChina, Sinopec or top banks,” she wrote.

That list actually seems fairly low key compared to, uh, just about any American online dating profile. Where are the references to Ayn Rand novels as deal breakers? The discussions about how men wearing skinny jeans need not apply? But Feng’s demands seemed so “extreme” to the Chinese public that “Big Sister Feng” was cast in a reality television show, and was received with widespread bile. People despised Feng for saying things like “no one can compare to me in 300 years before and after.”

So she’s fled to Brooklyn, where she’s working in a nail salon and seeking a man with an Ivy League degree. I smell a reality TV deal.

Chinese celeb working anonymously in Brooklyn nail salon [NYP]

The ‘Most Hated Woman in China’ Could Be Doing Your Nails