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Which Is More American: 9/11 or the NFL?

That’s the question implied by a tiny, bizarre item in the New York Post today. The first Sunday of the NFL season happened to coincide with the tenth anniversary of 9/11 yesterday, leaving the networks with a patriotic Catch-22. According to the Post:

CBS and Fox infuriated viewers yesterday by cutting away to the opening Sunday NFL match-ups — in the middle of the 9/11 memorial coverage.

The networks switched from the reading of the victims’ names at Ground Zero at around 1 p.m. to go to any one of eight games — none featuring New York teams — around the country.

The tabloid does note that the 9/11 services “could still be seen on about a dozen other channels,” but in attempting to incite controversy, fails to provide us with any insight from, or even examples of, these “infuriated viewers.” (Are you out there?)

On the other hand, there’s this from Fox Sports, which shares a parent company — News Corp. — with both Fox and the Post:

Freedom of speech is so special.

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Which Is More American: 9/11 or the NFL?