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Cross-Dressing Killer Might Make for a Bad Neighbor

Robert Durst, the troubled son of a New York City real-estate mogul, has purchased a local townhouse and could return to his roots more permanently after a wild string of deaths and disappearances that culminated in him chopping up his elderly neighbor, but getting off on self-defense. Durst moved in 2000 to Texas, where he dressed as a woman, to avoid the glare of suspicion following his first wife’s disappearance in 1982. In 2002, he shot 71-year-old Morris Black in the face and dumped the body parts, just two years after Durst’s friend and de facto spokesperson (and New York writer) Susan Berman turned up dead. He was acquitted in the neighbor’s death and never charged in the other two cases. Now it looks like he’s coming home.

If I disappear, go and check him out first,” said one East Harlem resident, who owns a funeral home neighboring Durst’s new pad. “I won’t be out here with my son. It’s sad and scary. He didn’t have to chop his body up. That’s the creepy part,” said another local.

If Durst does indeed move in, he should do a public-relations push by reminding his suspicious neighbors that he was played in a movie by Ryan Gosling. Everyone loves Ryan Gosling.

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Cross-Dressing Killer Might Make for a Bad Neighbor