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Did You Know Mitt Romney Is a Mormon?!

According to a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, only 42 percent of Americans know that Mitt Romney is, in fact, a Mormon. That number seems strangely low, since “Mormon” is supposedly the first word that comes to mind when voters hear his name (according to another survey, anyway). Apparently, the population of people aware of the Republican candidate’s religion is about the same as it was in July 2011, with one exception:

The only group that showed an increased knowledge about Romney’s religion was white evangelicals, whose knowledge of Romney’s faith rose from 44 percent in July to 53 percent in mid-October.

For additional confirmation on that, feel free to ask pastor Robert Jeffress, whose attention-getting introduction of Rick Perry at this month’s Values Voter Summit might just be to blame for this particular case of knowledge-increasing.

Less than half of Americans know Romney’s a Mormon [WP]

Did You Know Mitt Romney Is a Mormon?!