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George Soros, Reverse Vampires Conspiring To Promote Occupy Wall Street

One of the things that inevitably arises from a scattered demonstration like Occupy Wall Street is feverish, conspiracy-driven thinking so beloved by radicals. Take this bizarre, disjointed bit of analysis:

A question asked by many since the demonstrators occupied New York’s Zuccotti Park is why Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken such a hands-off approach. The official explanation is that Bloomberg’s hands are tied by the fact that the park is privately owned. There may be more to the story, however: Zuccotti Park is owned by Brookfield Properties, one of the directors of which happens to be Bloomberg’s girlfriend, according to the Atlantic Wire.

Oh, wait. That isn’t something from a hand-scrawled leaflet. That is from an editorial in today’s Washington Examiner, Washington D.C.’s other right-wing alternative to the Washington Post, which is owned by right-wing billionaire Philip Anschutz and has been spending lavishly to buy up conservative writers. (The other right-wing Post alternative, of course, being the still-extant Washington Times.)

So here is the Examiner’s theory as I understand it. Mayor Bloomberg should be kicking the demonstrators out of Zucotti Park. But he isn’t, because the park is owned by a company (with which his girlfriend is affiliated) which is owned by another company which owns a wind power company that got a loan from the Department of Energy. The line of causation is as plain as day: Brookfield managers has a subsidiary that benefits from clean energy programs, so to maintain its profitability, it instructs its subsidiary company to have one of its directors use her influence with the mayor to let demonstrators against Wall Street sleep in their park. Or possibly George Soros used mind control.

Update: Obligatory video clip here.

George Soros, Reverse Vampires Conspiring To Promote Occupy Wall Street