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Life in Ohio, a Continuing Series

At my old TNR blog, I had an occasional series about life in Ohio, highlighting that state’s characteristic qualities. It usually involved stories about extreme stupidity, perversion, and farm animals living among people as pets. The critics said the series was a pure act of willful bias, a Michigan native (me) abusing his perch to smear an entire state out of misplaced passion rooted in a college football rivalry. Those critics are absolutely correct.

I thought I would abandon the series, but the demands of the public — reaching a crescendo during the Ohio herpes-infected animal rampage — have forced me to bring it back.

And so:

BAINBRIDGE, Ohio — Authorities in Bainbridge say that a drunken woman, who was wearing shear clothing, a G-string, and wedge heels, led them on a high-speed chase along Route 422 prior to her arrest.

According to Chief Jon Bokovitz of the Bainbridge Police Department, Erin B. Holdsworth, 28, of Hiram, was taken into custody on Tuesday, October 11, after she led authorities on a chase that reached 128 mph.

Dash Cam Captures Arrest of Drunken, Topless Woman in Car Chase [Fox 8 Cleveland]

Life in Ohio, a Continuing Series