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Occupy Everywhere: Dispatches From Demonstrations Around the World, Vol. 1

By Occupy Wall Street’s count, their movement has kickstarted some 1,500 protests in 82 countries, with occupations spreading to more than 100 U.S. cities. Now in its fifth week, the encampment on Wall Street has mirroring protests of varying sizes in states like Florida, Idaho, and West Virginia, plus supporters in faraway places like Antarctica and Libya. The loosely knit groups share a general dissatisfaction with global economic conditions and wealth disparity, as well as a similar course of action: to remain visible for as long as possible, preferably in public places. Attempting to ride the momentum of Saturday’s global demonstrations, this week has already included action against Goldman Sachs, an update on Cornel West’s arrest, and a message from Vladimir Putin.

Burlington, Vermont: Goldman Sachs Speech Halted
A analyst from the investment bank canceled a speech at his alma matter, the University of Vermont, after protesters from the local Occupy chapter posted Facebook messages urging everyone to attend the talk and “make our voices heard.” Goldman refused to comment on the matter, but the analyst might have saved himself an egging, or at least some heckling.

London, England: Lasting the Weekend
Left over from last weekend’s initial demonstrations in the financial district, where even Julian Assange appeared, tents remain early this week outside of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral underneath a large embroidered banner that reads, “Capitalism Is Crisis.” The cardboard signs, Guy Fawkes masks, and befuddled businessmen are pretty much identical to their comrades across the pond.

Washington, D.C.: Cornel West Won’t Face Charges
The famed activist and intellectual, along with the eighteen others arrested with him for protesting at the U.S. Supreme Court on Sunday, will be not be charged with a crime despite demonstrations with signs being banned on the court grounds.

Brisbane, Australia: Shrinkage
An Australian sect is having less luck, as the Courier Mail reports that the number of attendees is in “steady decline.” Those who have stuck around are wearing beanies, “a popular fashion choice for those preparing for another chilly night of camping out in Post Office Square.”

Russia: Putin Says Not in Our Country
The prime minister is pushing a new social spending plan lest the nation “get to a situation which we see in countries with developed economies,” he said. “Hundreds of thousands of people — not just a bunch of outcasts, but hundreds of thousands — are coming out onto the streets to demand what their governments are unable to fulfill.”

Occupy Everywhere: Dispatches From Demonstrations Around the World, Vol. 1