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Occupy Wall Street’s New Second Home: Washington Square Park?

In less than half an hour, the organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protests, now approaching their fourth week and picking up steam, plan to expand their operation further uptown. The target of today’s (unauthorized) rally: Washington Square Park. But this may be more than just another publicity event. Better known perhaps for its bevies of NYU co-eds, West Village stroller moms, and full brass busker bands, the park may soon become a big encampment, much like the one that has taken over downtown’s Zuccotti Park.

We plan to stay in Washington Square Park and form a second permanent occupation.

That’s 26-year-old Justine Tunney, an Occupy Wall Street organizers, speaking to the Post. An announcement on the group’s website about today’s rally reads: “It is time to form a second General Assembly in Manhattan.” Already some 30 police officers are stationed around the park—including three on scooters—and have already cordoned off grassy areas with 10-foot high chain-link fences. But a 1 a.m. curfew remains in effect, so it all depends whether the protesters plan on making a stand tonight or not. Going by events of the past week, however, seems like every time the police step in, Occupy Wall Street grows just that little bit more.

Wall St. Protesters to ‘Occupy’ Washington Sq., Cops Ready for Clash [NYP]

Occupy Wall Street’s New Second Home: Washington Square Park?