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Rick Perry Knows Just Who Can Help Him Reform the Tax Code

Tax reform has historically meant cleansing the tax code of special breaks and loopholes, especially those inserted at the behest of powerful lobbies. That’s what the 1986 Tax Reform Act, a deal struck between President Reagan and a Democratic Congress, did. Republicans in recent years have increasingly used the term “tax reform” to mean simply eliminating all forms of taxation on investment income — capital gains, dividends, estate taxes. Rick Perry is taking this farce to its next, logical step by soliciting lobbyists to help him write his tax reform plan:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will travel to Washington on Friday for a series of economic and foreign policy meetings with dozens of lobbyists, trade association executives and conservative leaders, according to a source with knowledge of Perry’s schedule.

The source said Perry intends to use the private meetings to preview key elements of his sweeping plan to reform the tax code, overhaul government regulations and balance the federal budget. 

Nothing says “reform” like “ask lobbyists to help write my plan.”

Rick Perry to hold economic and foreign policy meetings in Washington [WP]

Rick Perry Knows Just Who Can Help Him Reform the Tax Code