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Sean Parker Plans to Labor Over Every Single Tweet

Last night, one day after his maiden tweet, former Facebook president Sean Parker — known to many Americans as “Justin Timberlake in The Social Network” — ran into Twitter founder Jack Dorsey at the Monkey Bar, where Graydon Carter hosted the members of Vanity Fair’s (very tech-heavy) 2011 New Establishment. “Sparker!” Dorsey exclaimed, greeting Parker by his brand-new Twitter handle.

Despite such excitement, it could be a while before Dorsey, and Parker’s other 27,000 followers, hear from @sparker again. “I’ll labor over all 140 characters,” Parker told us. “It’s going to be weeks.”

While Parker chatted with MTV founder Bob Pittman, his fiancée, singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas, told Dorsey she was working on Parker’s Twitter strategy. The fried chicken backstage at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, she thought, would have made a good Twitter pic. It still might, eventually. Parker is taking his time with it, Twitter’s rapid-fire culture be damned.

That would have been a good one,” Parker agreed. “We actually did take the picture, so that will get tweeted out. I’m not quite that real-time.”

He’s actually thoughtful,” said Lenas. “I think he’ll have some thoughtful tweets.”

She’s the photo editor for my Twitter,” said Parker.

Sean Parker Plans to Labor Over Every Single Tweet