Jittery New Yorkers Fear Skywriting Terrorists

If you were outside yesterday enjoying a welcome bout of freakish summer weather, there’s a chance you saw some of the odd skywriting above lower Manhattan around 4 p.m. First the words “Lost Our Lease” appeared, then “Last Chance”, and finally, “Now Open”. Apparently, this freaked out some people, especially the “Last Chance” part, according to the Daily News:

How to give New Yorkers a heart attack: skywrite ‘LAST CHANCE’ above the city,” tweeted Peter Mele. “Yeah, they’ll love it.”

“The sky says last chance,” another person tweeted. “I’m skipping town.” ….

“I was genuinely scared,” said Morgan, 29, an upper West Side actress who declined to give her last name. She was running with her boyfriend in Central Park when the messages began looming overhead.

“I was really concerned there was some sort of terrorist attack,” she said. “It’s so creepy.”

The real explanation was much more innocent:

Obviously, it was just some enigmatic art project! When in doubt, it’s always just some enigmatic art project. Come on, New York. Do terrorists spend half an hour skywriting warning messages before they carry out an attack? Who’s attacking us, the Wicked Witch of Al Qaeda?

’Last Chance’ skywritten messages over NYC not warning but an art project [NYDN]

Jittery New Yorkers Fear Skywriting Terrorists