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The Bisexual L.A. Woman Getting Off on Game of Thrones and Suicide Girls

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Bisexual L.A. Woman Getting Off on Game of Thrones and Suicide Girls: female, student/writer, Los Angeles, 30, bisexual, in a one-month-long monogamous relationship.


1 a.m.: I haven’t gone to sleep yet because I stayed up drinking and getting high. I start watching Game of Thrones and halfway through one of the episodes, two women are having sex. I start getting turned on as one of the girls goes down on the other. I get out my $70 vibrator and masturbate for about 30 minutes, coming once.

1:40 a.m.: I start feeling sleepy. I think about my boyfriend. We’ve only been dating a month but I know we have something special. It scares me a little bit because we fit so well together. We’re both creative — he directs films and I’m a writer. I’ve been working on a memoir for a few years, which is how we met. Our mutual friend wanted to set us up so we could work on a documentary together. The director flirted with me and I wanted to make out with him, but I had a boyfriend at the time. Two years later that makeout fantasy finally happened and now we’re dating.

8:30 p.m.: The boyfriend and I have Mexican food and a few margaritas after he gets off work. Drinking makes me horny. It’s going to be a good night.

9 p.m.: I make the boyfriend leave his car at the restaurant and I decide to take a detour on the way home. I live next to Malibu beach so we head that way. I pull off on the side of the road and tell him I want to take a walk on the beach. We start walking and I’m being playful with him. As we stop and kiss, I reach down in his jeans and grab his penis. We’re standing on the beach alone in the dark, but the road is a mere twenty feet away and it’s full of cars. There’s a short wall of rocks but nothing to cover us. I unzip his jeans and proceed to go down on him on the beach. I keep my eyes open, making sure no cars pull over to park near us.

1 a.m.: We’re watching a movie and the boyfriend pulls me over to the side of the bed so my legs are propped up on his shoulders. He’s on his knees, going down on me. He starts fingering me until I come.


Noon: We wake up late. The boyfriend starts touching my nipples and eventually fingers me to wake me up. I keep my eyes closed, savoring all the sleep I can since it’s our day off. He takes my sleepiness as disinterest, which it’s not.

3 p.m.: We decide to head to Santa Barbara for a trip to the casino. On the drive, I play with his dick. He pulls it out of his pants while I’m driving, signifying he wants more. Cars are passing by us and one guy in a truck next to us looks over. I cover him with my hand, but it’s inevitable that people are going to see us. I’m holding the wheel with my left hand and working his dick in my right hand. We talk dirty to each other and I’m tempted to pull over to finish this off but I keep driving.

4:30 p.m.: We stop at a winery for some wine tasting before we go to the casino. We like the winery a lot, so I buy a bottle of Chardonnay for later. We go outside and end up making out between some of the vines. He spanks my ass as we head over to the car and I grab his dick but that’s as far as we go.


Midnight: I start texting Muscles because it’s his birthday. He’s a personal trainer and we were sleeping together before things became official between the boyfriend and me. Our sex was amazing — it was really rough. He always took charge, pulling my hair and spanking me really hard. During our texting, we talk about what might have been between us and that’s when I realize he liked me a lot more than he let on. He’s 23, and I explain to him that I want kids in the next decade. It doesn’t seem to scare him off, but I think he’s rather unrealistic about it.

1 a.m.: I turn on the TV and find some movie called La Mujer and Mi Hermano. I leave it on because there’s a sex scene that reminds me of why I’m dating my boyfriend. When we have sex, we make love. As Gonzalo, the character on the movie, whispers in the woman’s ear, I can tell they’re in love. Gonzalo starts touching the woman’s body with his fingers and I’m reminded of sex with the boyfriend. He often starts things off by softly touching my body with his fingers all over my body — from toes to the back of my legs, to my ass. I get out my vibrator and I come thinking about my boyfriend.

2 a.m.: After the movie ends, some show comes on with the Suicide Girls. They’re not completely naked, but there are a few scenes where I’m really turned on and I come. My boyfriend knows how I feel about women. I often tell him about girls that I’ve fantasized about, or made out with, or had sex with. I even tell him that I’d date a woman. He likes my honesty and I like that he accepts me as I am.


11:30 a.m.: I wake up extremely tired. It’s my day off and I typically start my days off with masturbation before even getting coffee. Today is different — I need some caffeine before I can even think about orgasming. After two cups of coffee I get back in bed, ignoring the work I have to do today. I get out my phone and find some porn, which starts out with pictures of girls and includes links to major porn hubs. I’m starting to have a thing for redheads and nice asses.

12:30 p.m.: I find a video that’s all in Spanish and features a big-assed woman. The whole video is shot from angles that make her ass look amazing and she does all the work during sex, with her butt toward the camera. I watch it for about fifteen minutes until she starts to come and then I start coming too. It’s almost like we bonded.

4 p.m.: I decide to tell my boyfriend how I feel about him, so I text him “I love you.” I’m too spontaneous sometimes, and in relationships this doesn’t always go over well. He teaches, so I know I’m not going to hear from him for awhile. I think he feels the same way, though, so I’m not too worried.

7 p.m.: He texts me back that he feels the same way and I’m happy. He asks me to come over after he leaves work and since I have all my homework done, I go.

8 p.m.: We both live in Los Angeles, but on opposite sides of town. When I get to his house, I give him a long blow job and then we started making love. After we both come, we lie in bed naked. I’m a little scared but I whisper in his ear that I love him. He kisses my cheek and my forehead and leans onto my body and breathily says, “I love you too, sweetheart.”


9 a.m.: The boyfriend wakes me up about an hour before he has to go to work by rubbing my nipples. He grabs my breasts and lets his hands wander all around them. I slowly start to wake. He plays with my vagina through my panties and then slips my legs over his, and enters me from the side. We have sex for about twenty minutes and then rest in each other’s arms.

4 p.m.: I leave class and go spend the rest of the day at the beach getting high. The boyfriend is at work, and I need attention, so I text my friend Joe. I ask Joe if he likes Suicide Girls and tell him I want to be one. He tells me I can be his pet Suicide Girl and I ask what he’ll do to me. He says he’ll do with me what he’d do with any pet Suicide Girl: “I’ll lick you.”

5 p.m.: As I’m sitting in the sand, watching the waves, this guy who recently confessed his feelings for me texts me. We rarely see each other, but when we do we inevitably end up having sex. I’ve been harboring an intense attraction to him for years. I might have even loved him at one time. He asks if he can come visit me and I tell him I now have a boyfriend. He doesn’t see why we can’t just hang out, but I explain to him that we inevitably end up in bed. My no seems to bother him and he stops texting me.


2:45 p.m.: I get a text from the English guy I used to flirt with. He tells me he still thinks I’m hot and he’s jealous of my new man. “He’s lucky,” he tells me. I’m a bit naughty back and say that I still think he’s hot and “given the chance to be in England, I’d still do all those nasty things … if I were single.” And then he tells me “Let’s hope we don’t always wonder what might’ve been.”

3 p.m.: The English guy suggests he’s going to steal me away from my boyfriend soon and in the meantime, we can still continue our online “affair,” even with my boyfriend in the picture. We had steamy, hot online sex, with hair pulling, pounding, and whipping. Although none of it happened in real life, my toy and a photo of his penis did the trick every time. I tell him I can’t pull that off and he should probably find someone else. I’m kind of sad as I tell him this because it was all just a fantasy, but I know that I wanted it in real life so I should stop it here.

8 p.m.: The boyfriend and I go to a poetry reading to support my friend, the poet. Although the poet and I slept together (and the boyfriend knows this) it’s not awkward. What is awkward is that two of my ex-boyfriends are also reading poetry. I didn’t account for this and I feel suddenly weird that I’ve slept with three of the poets who’ve read that night. The boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind, so I pretend like I’m not fantasizing about having sex with the one who has the dragon tattoo.

2 a.m.:The boyfriend and I get home late from having drinks with the poet and friends. We get in bed right away. I grab his penis and start playing with it until he’s hard. Then I go down on him. I know he’s tired and he’s been working a lot so I tell him he deserves to be taken care of.

2:20 a.m. :The boyfriend gets on top of me and we start making love. I’m really wet and I come within a few minutes. After I come, he flips me over. I lay flat on my stomach and he has sex with me in this position as I talk dirty to him until he comes hard. We lay next to each other for a few minutes while he catches his breath and I stroke his body with my fingertips. I tell him I love him and he says he loves me too.


8:30 a.m.: The boyfriend has to go to work so his alarm starts going off. As usual, he grabs my breasts and starts playing with my nipples. When he hears me start moaning, he starts touching me until I’m wet. He enters me, while we’re still in a spooning position. We have sex for about fifteen minutes until his third alarm goes off. Neither of us finishes, but he gets up and gets ready for work anyway.

1 p.m.: I meet up with the boyfriend for lunch and I’m all cuddly and touch him a lot. I try not to grab his penis since we’re eating in public and there are children around.

11 p.m.: The boyfriend makes his way over to my house after work. I’ve been waiting for him for an hour. While I was waiting, I get dressed up for him with the stuff I bought at the Pleasure Chest. I have a spanking rod, an ostrich feather for tickling him, and some pasties to decorate my nipples. I drink a little bit and get really horny waiting for him so I start touching myself. When he comes in the door finally, he’s surprised to see me waiting for him almost naked on my bed. We start immediately and I ask him to spank me with the rod. I bend over and he’s too gentle, so I show him how I want it. We take turns, with me spanking him a little, and then he gets more into it when it’s his turn with the rod and spanks me harder. I tickle his naked body with the feather. Then he goes down on me until I tell him to get inside of me. During sex, I talk dirty to him until he comes really hard.

TOTALS: Eight orgasms; four acts of masturbation; one hand job; one spanking (given); one spanking (received); three acts of oral sex (given); one act of oral sex (received); five acts of intercourse; one first-time “I love you.”

The Bisexual L.A. Woman Getting Off on Game of Thrones and Suicide Girls