Barbara Sheehan Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Undated copy photos of Barbara Sheehan and her late husband Raymond Sheehan. Barbara Sheehan testified that her husband, former Police Officer Raymond Sheehan, had allegedly severely beaten her on a previous vacation and that she was afraid to go away with him again. The 50-year-old woman insisted that it wasn't revenge that led her to shoot and kill her husband on Feb. 18, 2008, as he was shaving in their Howard Beach home.
Pictured: Barbara and Raymond Sheehan
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Sheehan and her husband. Photo: Christopher Sadowski / Splash/?

The Queens woman acquitted of murder in the self-defense killing of her abusive ex-cop husband was handed a sentence of five years plus two of probation for criminal possession of a weapon, which she used to shoot Raymond Sheehan eleven times in 2008. So if she was indeed planning a full media tour, it will have to wait.

Barbara Sheehan Sentenced to Five Years