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Mayor Bloomberg Has Zero Sympathy for Parking Violators, Parent-Murderers

As the City Council considers ending its use of super-sticky stickers on the cars of alternate-side parking violators, Mayor Bloomberg, who probably hasn’t had to park a car in the city in three decades, has weighed in firmly on the side of the sticker supporters. “If people are complaining, then we should keep doing it,” Bloomberg reasoned on his weekly radio show this morning. He went on to reference the classic definition of chutzpah:

“I mean-don’t break the law. It’s almost like, you know, you murder your parents and then you say to the judge, ‘But I’m an orphan, you can’t put me in jail.’ Don’t murder your parents, you don’t have, you’re not an orphan, and in this case, don’t break the law you don’t have to worry about it,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

Point taken. But nobody is saying that violators of alternate-side parking rules should face zero repercussions. Even without the nearly impossible-to-remove sticker, they already pay fines of $35 to $65. The debate is about whether the stickers represent excessive punishment for a relatively minor infraction. You can apply the “if you don’t break the law, you don’t have to worry about it” philosophy to any punishment, but that doesn’t mean the punishment is fair. Hell, forget the stickers — let’s just slash the tires of anyone who doesn’t move their car for street sweeping. If you didn’t want your tires slashed, you should have moved your car! If people are complaining about tire slashing, then we should keep doing it!

Mayor Bloomberg Compares Parking Illegally to Murdering Your Parents [Politicker NY]

Mayor Bloomberg Has Zero Sympathy for Parking Violators, Parent-Murderers