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Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. Arrested on More Bribery Charges

Local politician William Boyland Jr. was acquitted earlier this month of federal corruption charges, but he just can’t catch a break (or stop accepting money for political favors). Today, he was arrested and charged in connection with a separate FBI investigation, which alleges that Boyland accepted more than $250,000 in bribes while helping a carnival promoter and two undercover agents with development deals in his district. Boyland can be heard on tape telling the agents, “I got a middle guy, by the way. … I gotta stay clean. … I got a bag man,” and that he “stopped talking on the phone a while ago.” The latest round of shady deal-making allegedly took place after Boyland was charged with bribery the first time — hence his pointed caution about talking on a tapped line.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Arrested on Bribery Charges