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Dad Not Charged for Retaliating After 4-Year-Old Was Shot

Bobby Baltazar was bringing his son Cincere home after getting ice cream on Tuesday night when he was attacked by three men, at least one of them armed with a pistol. Baltazar wrestled the gun away from Mauricio Acosta, but not before shots were fired in the struggle, one of them hitting Baltazar’s 4-year-old boy. The dad picked up the gun, chased Acosta around the block, and eventually shot him in the back of the neck before returning to his kid, who had been scooped up by his mother. Baltazar took the gun home to hide it, but then wisely went to police and explained what happened. “The father was forthcoming,” a law enforcement source told the Times. “The reason he did what he did was because of his son, who was shot. He’s a victim now.” The Bronx D.A. said, “This guy Baltazar was the victim of an attempted robbery, and evidence showed that he may have been justified in firing the shot. That’s why he has not been charged.” Parenthood sounds so hard.

Dad Not Charged for Retaliating After Shooting