Ladies Look at DSK and Instantly Want to Do Sex, Says DSK Biography

Photo: Andrew Burton/2011 Getty Images

A new biography of Dominique Strauss-Kahn by Michel Taubmann, out this week, attempts to simultaneously solidify the infamous Frenchman’s reputation as an irresistible sex fiend and fan the flames of a conspiracy against him, according to early reports. There’s no question that Strauss-Kahn’s “DNA” ended up on the wall of his hotel room during a seven-minute run-in with maid Nafissatou Diallo, but where she claimed rape, he says it was “consensual but stupid.” Although she also might have been there to steal his BlackBerry!

Taubmann spoke with the magazine Paris Match, while Reuters has a report, too (also in French), and U.N. reporter Karim Lebhour tweeted some translations of the biography’s juicy version of events. “Nafissatou Diallo didn’t rush at all to leave the room, looked at his sex, he saw an invitation,” Lebhour writes. He adds: “[DSK] couldn’t resist a moment of pleasure, [Diallo] couldn’t resist him / or was sent to set him up.”

According to Taubmann, who cites Strauss-Kahn himself in the book’s account, Diallo might have been there to steal the presidential hopeful’s phone, which a recent conspiratorial report in The New York Review of Books said may have already been hacked by political rivals. (The phone was never found.) Taubmann said, according to a translation, that the BlackBerry having been lost at a restaurant or in a cab “seems unlikely and does not correspond to the study of telephone records.” Rushed, consensual oral sex between strangers also seems unlikely to us, but we’ve admittedly never laid eyes on DSK’s junk.

DSK Biography Details His Hotel Encounter