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Watch Gabrielle Giffords Describe Her Reaction to the Tucson Massacre

Last night’s highly anticipated 20/20 interview with Gabrielle Giffords gave the country, for the first time since the Tucson massacre in January, some real insight into how the Arizona congresswoman is recovering. Sitting beside husband Mark “American of the Year” Kelly, Giffords seemed capable of clearly understanding everything that Diane Sawyer was telling her. Responding was more of a challenge, though — most of Giffords’s communication comes in the form of short, basic, one- or two-word thoughts. When Sawyer asked Giffords how it felt when she found out that six people were killed by Jared Loughner, Giffords told her, “I cried. Died. Sad.” She still has a ways to go, but for someone who was shot in the head at point-blank range less than a year ago, her progress so far is remarkable. Especially when you consider that, at one point, for weeks at a time, she used to respond to every question with “chicken.”

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Watch Gabby Giffords’s Reaction to the Massacre