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GOP Wives Form Clique, Exclude Less Cool Wives

OMG so frameable!

Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry are not exactly the top of the heap in the GOP primary at the moment. Their wives, however, are a different story. Mary Kaye, Callista, and Anita have apparently become friends on the campaign trail. Mrs. Anita Perry and Mrs. Mary Kaye Huntsman first connected on a double-date night before the campaign began, and exchanged e-mails; the two write notes “several” times a week. Since the number one rule of having a cool-girl clique is that you need a critical mass (as well as an eager-to-please low woman on the totem pole to boss around), the pair auditioned other spouses for the role.

Each of the women has met most of the candidate’s spouses — save Herman Cain’s wife, Gloria — through the debates and other major political events, but among the group of spouses, they have both formed an additional friendship with Callista Gingrich, wife of the former House speaker. 

Gingrich, who released her first children’s book, “Sweet Land of Liberty,” in September, has sent copies of her book to each of the candidates to share with their children and grandchildren.

Both Anita and Mary Kaye have kindly shown interest in my new children’s book, ‘Sweet Land of Liberty,’ featuring Ellis the Elephant. As I launched the book in September, both would ask about how it was doing. Each liked the idea of a patriotic elephant sharing our nation’s history with children,” Gingrich said.

Anita Perry is a big fan. “She sent me her book that I just received this week, and I’m so happy for her,” Perry boasted as she discussed the success of the book. “She’s lovely and delightful.”

That’s enough to take a picture, send it over to a reporter, and offer up the heartwarming tale of wives bonding despite their husbands’ differences.  Eat your heart out, Ann Romney. You AND your fancypants husband and your perfect blonde hair and your impeccable bio. EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

GOP Wives Form Clique, Exclude Less Cool Wives