Hairdresser Suing Soho Salon for $16M in Sexual-Harassment Suit

Photo: Getty

Earlier this month, Katie Roiphe wrote an op-ed in the New York Times called “In Favor of Dirty Jokes and Risqué Remarks” arguing for a looser definition of sexual harassment and encouraging more sexually charged commentary in the workplace. “Show me a smart, competent young professional woman who is utterly derailed by a verbal unwanted sexual advance or an inappropriate comment about her appearance and I will show you a rare spotted owl,” she wrote. Katie, meet Liciana. Liciana, meet Katie. Liciana D’Angelo, according to the NYDN, is a hairdresser suing her former workplace (a ritzy Soho salon called Devachan) for $16 million. D’Angelo alleges that former salon co-workers Keith Magnussen and Denivaldo DaSilva began making unwanted sexual advances (some verbal, some physical), and when she wasn’t receptive, she was stripped of clients and income and ultimately fired. If Yelp reviews count as legal evidence, there’s a lot to work with, including a post in which Magnussen is deemed “a D-bag!”

Hairdresser Suing Soho Salon for $16M