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Herman Cain’s Accuser Releases Anticlimactic Statement

After days of anticipation, one of Herman Cain’s accusers has, with the blessing of the National Restaurant Association, finally released a statement through her lawyer. Here it is, in full:


In 1999 I was retained by a female employee of the National Restaurant Association concerning several instances of sexual harassment by the then CEO.

She made a complaint in good faith about a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances from the CEO.

Those complaints were resolved in an agreement with her acceptance of a monetary settlement. She and her husband see no value in revisiting this matter now, nor in discussing this matter further, publicly or privately. In fact it would be extremely painful to do so.

She is grateful that she was able to return to her government career, where she is extremely happy serving the American people to the best of her ability. She looks forward to continuing to work hard for them as we face the significant challenges that lie ahead.

She wishes to thank the media for the restraint that they have shown, her family - especially her sisters - for their love and support, her colleagues and supervisors for their patience and forbearance and her advisors for their wise counsel, and most of all, her dear husband of 26 years for standing by her and putting up with all of this.

Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. Sexual harassment is unfortunately very much alive and with us even today, and women must fight it in all kinds of workplaces and at all levels.

My client stands by the complaint she made.

The statement fails to shed much light on what actually transpired between Cain and the woman. We learn that Cain was accused of making a “series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances,” as opposed to just one. And that’s about it for now, and seemingly, the future.

Obviously, if this woman wants to keep the specifics to a minimum, that’s her prerogative, and it’s completely understandable. Still, her reticence will make it that much harder for the truth of this scandal to emerge. Not incidentally, that’s exactly what Cain is hoping for. If the details of the accusations against him remain shrouded, he can survive this, especially since GOP voters seem to be giving him the benefit of the doubt so far.

Cain accuser cites series of ‘advances’; NRA confirms harassment complaint [Politico]

Herman Cain’s Accuser Releases Anticlimactic Statement