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Iranian Students Storm British Embassy in Tehran, Make a Mess

Iranian protesters gather outside the British embassy as some break into it and bring down the British flag (L) in Tehran on November 29, 2011. More than 20 Iranian protesters stormed the British embassy in Tehran, removing the mission's flag and ransacking offices.
The Iranian riot police are all, “No. Stop it. You should totally stop doing that, you guys.” Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images

Iranian students, apparently angry about British support for sanctions against their country, retaliated today by storming the British embassy in Tehran and making a hell of a mess for somebody to clean up. According to various reports, once inside, the students tossed documents to the ground out of broken windows, burned the Union Jack, and even stole a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Luckily, according to the Times, “an Iranian news agency said personnel had fled ‘by the back door.’” Good thing, too, because Iranian students have a history of being somewhat clingy with Western embassy staff.

Iranian Students Storm British Embassy in Tehran