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John Heilemann on Hardball: A Second Chance for Newt Gingrich?

Our own John Heilemann visited Hardball tonight to discuss what was once thought to be impossible: how Newt Gingrich could somehow position himself as the new anti-Romney candidate — only because of the campaign stumbles of Herman Cain and Rick “Oopsy Daisy” Perry, of course. “Newt Gingrich had the benefit, in a way, of his fall happening five months ago,” Heilemann said. “He may have another moment in the sun, but the question is whether he then does the same thing he did last time: shoot himself in the foot and then decline into nothingness again.” If anything, Gingrich’s odd pre-debate rituals would hint at the latter. Check out our video for more commentary.

John Heilemann: A Second Chance for Gingrich?