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John Heilemann on Morning Joe: New Cain Accuser Fallout

Our own John Heilemann debated with the Morning Joe crew today about whether the fourth person accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment is worthy of so much attention. Host Joe Scarborough was surprised that Sharon Bialek’s account of the alleged groping made the front page of the New York Times, but Heilemann disagreed, saying yesterday’s events could have a huge impact on Cain’s campaign. “There’s somebody who is accusing the Republican front-runner of effectively sexual assault,” Heilemann said. “He’s been publicly accused … by a person who is willing to put her name and face to the charge. That is a pretty serious thing.”

And below, see Heilemann’s thoughts from last night’s Hardball on why Bialek’s appearance is a watershed moment for the Cain scandal.

John Heilemann on MSNBC: Cain Accuser Fallout