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Convicted Ponzi Schemer Marc Dreier Owned a Sculpture Called Big Thief

Irony! Photo: US Marshalls Service

Among the artworks the U.S. Marshal’s office is auctioning off to pay for restitution to victims of Marc Dreier — the lawyer whose $400 million Ponzi scheme was the biggest on record for a scant two days before Bernie Madoff was arrested — is a sculpture by Tom Otterness, maker of those chubby bronze dudes that gallivant around the A-C-E and L lines at the 14th Street/8th Avenue station. This one, Big Thief, is pictured with a fat bag of cash at his feet, raising his arms to the heavens — a gesture one imagines Dreier, who is serving twenty years for fraud, once thought looked victorious, but now looks very much like surrender.

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Marc Dreier Owned A Sculpture Called Big Thief