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Parliament to Shake Finger at James Murdoch for Phone Hacking

James Murdoch. Photo: SAJJAD HUSSAIN/2011 AFP

A full report from the British parliamentary committee on phone hacking at News Corp. isn’t due until the end of this year or the beginning of 2012, but the Guardian is reporting that they have a pretty good idea of what will be inside. For one, James Murdoch, who was questioned by the group for a second time this week, “is expected to be characterised as ill-informed rather than mendacious,” meaning that lawmakers find it hard to believe that Murdoch didn’t know about widespread corruption at the newspapers he ran, but they can’t quite prove he did know, either. Additionally, the News of the World tabloid’s former editor, Colin Myler, and lawyer, Tom Crone, will also be criticized. There seems to be more than enough blame to go around, and yet not much punishment at all, for now, beyond a high-profile scolding.

Parliament to Shake Finger at James Murdoch