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Perry Plans to Uproot All Three Branches of Government

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 07: Republican presidential candidate and incumbent Texas Gov. Rick Perry addresses the Values Voter Summit 2011, hosted by Family Research Council Action (FRC Action), October 7, 2011 in Washington, DC. All of the major Republican presidential candidates are expected to speak in the annual two-day event. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Perry. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Monday night, Rick Perry previewed before about 250 Scott County Republicans a plan to “uproot” all three branches of government. Perry will give all the details in Bettendorf, Iowa, on Tuesday, but he teased the plan by stating: “I’m going to unveil a plan to uproot all three branches of government and overhaul Washington. It touches every branch of government because they each have contributed to the demise of America.”

We figured that Perry would stay away from threes for a little while.

Perry to ‘Uproot’ Three Branches of Government