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There’s Another Group of Protestors Occupying People Magazine’s Office

Civil disobedience. Photo: Erik Courson’s Facebook

There’s more than one Very Important protest going on in New York City today: Farther uptown, outside of People magazine’s Avenue of the Americas headquarters, there’s a Buzzfeed-organized protest against the selection of Bradley Cooper as the 2011 Sexiest Man of the Year. Who do they want? Ryan Gosling, naturally, the most meme-tastic of all Hollywood leading men. Buzzfeed created a petition splashed with tiled pics of the Gos, declaring, “We are the 99 percent,”  and that “2011 was clearly the Year of the Gosling”. They also created a photoshopped Gosling mask for protestors to wear (à la the Guy Fawkes masks Occupy Wall Streeters embraced). So far, the group taking direct action in the street looks small but enthusiastic. Here’s the thing: Gosling is probably more of a niche taste than Cooper, despite his rabidInternet fanbase.  Hey, girl … is it possible the Ryan Gosling protestors are actually the 1 percent?

Photo: BuzzFeed’s yfrog
Protestors Occupying People Magazine’s Office