Government Employee Joe Walsh Does Not Care for Government Jobs

Walsh will take a new Burger King cashier over a police officer any day.

The world’s least-charming congressman, Illinois child-man Joe Walsh, threw a tantrum earlier this week because his tummy was hungry. Now we learn from one of the constituents who was there that day that Walsh didn’t just yell in her face — he also told her that her job means nothing to him, because she, like 22 million other people, works for the government. As ThinkProgress reports:

The most offensive part of Walsh’s rant, however, wasn’t even his hysterical defense of Wall Street and corporate lobbyists. Rakestraw, a post office worker, said she was taken aback when she asked Walsh about how to save jobs like her own. Walsh replied bluntly, “I don’t care about the loss of public sector jobs.”

That’s good, because we’re pretty sure Walsh is going to lose his public sector job a year from now.

Rep. Joe Walsh Doesn’t Care About Public Jobs