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It’s Time to Play ‘Whose Secret Service Nickname Is That?’

Herman Cain.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Last week, for reasons that remain somewhat unclear, presidential candidate Herman Cain began receiving protection from the Secret Service. In addition to being constantly surrounded by people willing to take a bullet for you, this comes with another nice little perk: an awesome nickname. The Secret Service likes to use nicknames to refer to the VIPs they watch over, if only to make risking their lives on a daily basis incrementally more fun. (Cain’s nickname is not yet known, although he wrote in his book that he’d pick “Cornbread” if it were up to him.) Sometimes, the nicknames seem to have a logic to them. Other times, they seem completely random. See if you can match the following ten Secret Service nicknames with the person they were/are used for. (Warning: Don’t do too well or the Secret Service may pay you a visit.)


Correct Answer: Hillary Clinton


Correct Answer: Barack Obama


Correct Answer: Todd Palin


Correct Answer: Joe Biden


Correct Answer: Nancy Reagan


Correct Answer: George H.W. Bush


Correct Answer: Teresa Heinz Kerry


Correct Answer: Sarah Palin


Correct Answer: Sasha Obama


Correct Answer: Caroline Kennedy

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