reasons to love new york

Tell Us Why You Love New York!

The 2010 cover.

It might not come as a big surprise that we here at New York love New York. But what fills you, kind reader, with affection for this city? For our annual “Reasons to Love New York” issue, we want to hear from you. No reason is too big or too frivolous when it comes to pinpointing the charms of NYC. For example, is there a restaurant or bar that feels like a second home to you? A street corner that gives you pause? A park, a hotdog vendor, a subway rat, an arcade, a building, a person, a tree, an activity, anything at all that regularly rekindles your love for where you live?  Please tell us about it by sending your ideas to, and you just might be included in our “Reasons to Love” issue when it hits newsstands in December.