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Texas Lawmaker’s Jew-Slur Filter Malfunctions

Meanwhile, in Texas:

State Rep. Larry Taylor, at a legislative oversight hearing Thursday concerning the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, used the slur “Jew them down” when making the point that it needs to pay claims on time.

Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down,” he said, according to the Quorum Report. Taylor, a Republican from Friendswood who is running for a state Senate seat, quickly added, “That’s probably a bad term.”

Yes. Probably.

Taylor has released an apology, claiming that he “inadvertently used a phrase that many people find offensive.” But let’s be honest — if Taylor even thought to use the word Jew as a verb, that means it’s a part of his vernacular, and he uses it all the time in private. If anything was “inadvertent” here, it’s that the Jew-slur filter in Taylor’s brain that usually stops him from saying anti-Semitic things in public “inadvertently” let one slip past.

Texas State Rep. Taylor Sorry for Slur Against Jews [Texas Tribune]

Texas Lawmaker’s Jew-Slur Filter Malfunctions