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What Did the NYPD Do With the Occupy Wall Street WikiLeaks Truck?

Photo: Wikileaks Mobile Information Collection Unit

Local artist and activist Clark Stoeckley has been driving around the country in a small moving truck stamped with a giant WikiLeaks logo, as well as the words Top Secret and Mobile Information Collection Unit, even though he actually has nothing to do with the secret-sharing organization. Lately, he’s been spending time at Occupy Wall Street, near where Gawker reports he was pulled over last week, allegedly for having a crooked license plate and not using his lights while the windshield wipers were on. (Hmmm.) Stoeckley said he refused to consent to a search and was subsequently arrested, but now his truck is nowhere to be found. (Hmmmmm.)

Stoeckley says the towing company that was supposed to have his vehicle had never seen it, and he’s extremely suspicious: “I think this is over the NYPD’s head,” he relayed to Gawker conspiratorially, citing previous searches of the truck by the Secret Service. “I want my truck back immediately,” he said. “It was illegally taken from me and it is illegally being held from me. That is not courtesy, professionalism or respect.”

Now, stamping your ride with the logo of an enemy of the state is all but asking for this sort of scrutiny (however illegal it is). But Stoeckley’s story, a little thin on details, is a bit suspicious in itself. And nothing brings attention to an art project like a splash of espionage-tinged mystery. Color us intrigued either way — hopefully, it turns up.

Where’s the Occupy Wall Street WikiLeaks Truck?