Watch Zombie Mitt Romney Explain His Hunger for Braaaains

Will Mitt Romney’s run for the White House include a cameo on The Walking Dead?

In the wake of Romney’s campaign ad, which blatantly took a Barack Obama quote out of context, and his declaration in Tuesday’s debate that America “wants the brains” of foreign scientists and engineers, New York’s  Jonathan Chait noted that the line “desperately needs to appear in an attack ad, juxtaposed against images of an army of moaning zombies that Romney may or may not plan to unleash on America if elected.” Chait’s call was seconded by Business Week’s Joshua Green, who tweeted: “I eagerly await the Romney/zombie ad … Don’t let me down internet!”

Jonathan, Joshua, and the rest of the politics-and-zombie-loving Internet: Your prayers have been answered.

Zombie Mitt Romney Explains Hunger for Braaaains